Civil and Structural engineering solutions are focused on safety, integration with the plant requirement and cost-effectiveness.

We, at Mukashran we analyze the structural stability of systems and size the members and design connections, using advanced software tools and provide validated engineering solutions.

Our team evaluates, selects and applies standard engineering methods, techniques, procedures and criteria, while also using independent judgment in making adaptations and modifications.

Structural analysis and design are carried out applying site specific wind, soil and seismic data as per codes and standards.

We also have the ability to redesign existing structures, if such need comes up due to equipment modification or relocation.

It is crucial for developers and investors to manage cost to ensure profitability of construction projects, as well as construction defects that can lead to legal disputes and project delays.

Companies also need objective expertise during dispute cases and support for bill of quantities documentation.

Mukashran‘s civil engineering and construction services extend from single activities to end-to-end support of your construction projects for new and existing structures.

Our one-stop on-site solutions ensure a project’s compliance to prevailing national and international regulations for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. How to write, publish and promote a book to grow your business stephanie chandler is the author of several books, including the nonfiction book marketing plan online and offline promotion strategies to build your audience and sell more books.