Facilitated by the company’s vast number of drilling rigs strategically located at various geographical regions in the country, we can ensure effective response to water requirements of our clients.

The skill of the drilling department is aided by the amount of very experienced drillers, each with thousands of operation hours in the field. Drillers routinely undertake training courses worldwide, to update them on current global technologies.

Mukashran sources all the materials required for this service in-house, ensuring you get one of the best quality control possible and also ensuring a high success rate. With some of the newest and biggest water drilling rigs in the nation, Mukashran delivers to the highest standards

Key Benefits

  • High quality raw water from borehole
  • Well trained and experienced operators
  • Depths from 120m – 2000m
  • Quality control
  • Price guarantee
  • Heavy duty drilling equipment to ensure quick and successful completion of project